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Have you ever received an email requesting your bio – maybe for a speaking engagement or the new website you’re building? And looking at that little word “bio”, have you felt a sinking feeling in your stomach? 
This course is for anyone – business owner or not – who has struggled to condense the correct pieces of their personal and professional backstory into a few sentences.Don’t forget to download the accompanying workbook so you can use our templates to create 4 different bios of varying lengths, and finally tick this off your to-do list.
"So what do you do?"
This is possibly one of the most important questions you’ll ever answer – because the way you answer it can lead to billion dollar opportunities or lead people to dismiss you as yet another run-of-the-mill, boring, whatever-it-is-you-do. There are also nuances to how you respond to the question depending on whether you’re writing out the answer – like on your website or in a pitch to the press – or saying it verbally, for example at a cocktail party or a pitch to venture capitalists.
This mini course is a deep dive into the psychology behind social proof and how to effectively harness its power to charge premium rates for your products and services, cement your relationship with your existing customers and turn them into ambassadors for your brand. We’ll dig into the difference between good testimonials and so-so ones, how to ask for positive feedback if you’re not 100% confident your customer has had a great experience, as well as how to use humour to make the process a fun, client-centric extension of your brand... and more!
Are you leaving money on the table via LinkedIn? Most people are and it's a shame because these tiny but powerful tweaks to your profile can lead to bigger jobs, more clients, press and invitations to collaborate with power players. It’s about connecting with the right people, and continuously nurturing the relationships you create. Want to make 6 figures in 6 months without a need for complicated funnels? Join business and branding coach Melissa Dawn as she teaches us to never underestimate the power of connections. 
An uncomplicated, BS-free course that contains everything you need to know about getting started with email marketing but didn't know whom to ask. We walk you through the 10 types of emails that make up a good campaign (if you're not using all 10, you’re leaving money on the table). We show you how to master the flow and logic of a successful email campaign. And of course, we have a tech guide to help you pull it all together. Join email marketing expert Jennifer Neal (when we want our campaigns to make money, we hire Jennifer) as she walks us through the various steps that go into building a campaign that converts to cashflow.
Workbooks full of content to enhance 
and support your video courses
Transcripts available for few extra credits so you can go faster and refer back more easily for our awesome content
Sometimes you just want to dive right in: we get it. 
That's why we created these fabulous resources
 templates, tools and contacts, to help you get results faster than you dared to hope. 
In today’s media environment, with all the budget cuts and job instability, the pressure on journalists and bloggers to produce content that’s going to get shared, retweeted and regrammed is immense.
That reporter needs content that educates, entertains and empowers her audience. If your pitch demonstrates that you can fulfill these 3 criteria; if you can prove to that reporter that you understand what she needs to get her job done, you get to get on her speed dial.
Here are some of the hottest tips I teach in the Baby Got Booked course. You get these free with our $1 trial. No credits required.
Want to have your own column in one of the world's leading business magazines? You could use a crystal ball (not recommended) or simply follow this step-by-step tutorial (with a fill-in-the-blank template). It's based on an in-depth interview I did where James Ledbetter, editor-in-chief at Inc., shares exactly how they choose their expert contributors and what you have to do to wow them. 
This template and process has worked for many of my students in the Baby Got Booked course and for a limited time, you get to use it for free when you purchase our $1 trial.
If you've taken our Email that Sells course, you now understand how experts design their campaigns to generate cashflow. We realized that the actual writing of the individual emails can be hard - especially for those of us who aren't trained copywriters. So we created these fill-in-the-blank templates that work perfectly with the course. Download these and you'll be creating campaigns in a matter of minutes.
Use our strategies to get your blog content, videos and podcast in front of 94 million monthly readers (that's in the US alone!).  And that number is climbing steadily. I interviewed a senior editor with HuffPo about the kinds of stories they're looking for, what their fastest growing demographic is and how you can repurpose older (but still relevant) content and get it out to millions even if it's been on your blog for years. Join scores of Baby Got Booked students who now have their own byline with HuffPo and are landing juicier gigs, better clients and more press because of it.
My secrets to grow your practice by using uncommon PR tactics that make journalists love you! Get names, emails and phone numbers of journalists who are already looking for you. Get my juiciest tips for crafting a strong story and then get it in front of hundreds of thousands of listeners, viewers and readers.
This guide has been created specifically for experts who work in the world of health and wellness. Let's get you out there ASAP so you can start healing the world.
Are you a speaker looking to build serious credibility and exposure fast? So that when a meeting planner Googles you, they find not just your site but various high profile media mentions that set you up as an authority? This guide contains names, emails and phone numbers of journalists who are booking experts just like you. From Good Morning America to CBC Radio. I've also included my strategies for landing press when you travel to speak so that you not only create international awareness for your brand, but become the darling of the very clients and event planners who hire you.
A good subject line will get you noticed. A great subject line will get you booked. Use These 58 fill-in-the-blank templates to write a compelling headline on just about ANY subject and for just about ANY media outlet. Each of these subject lines is based on an article, post or TV interview that got picked up. Which means I'm only teaching you what works. No fluff. No guesswork. And for each template, I've included a real-life example of what a finished subject line would look like.
Step-by-step fill-in-the-blanks guide that can be customized to literally any industry. We are revealing the strings behind the puppet show and telling you exactly why each piece is crucial and why it goes in the order I suggest.
You not only have the tools you need to have your first pitch ready in less than 15 minutes, but you will be able to use your knowledge (and the templates) to write pitches for any business you own (and for your clients too if you’re a marketer!).
"I've been asked for my "bio" 3 times in the last two weeks. My typical silent UGH turned into "Sure thing!"- and the best part, it was fun! Geeta strikes again "
- Laura Porter, Co-Founder at, 
Owner at Bloom School of Music
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