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"Last year, we got zero response to our Serve press release and had a few journalists show up the day-of. This year, we were featured in the following media sources, both before, during, and after the event: CBC radio: Daybreak, CBC television, Cult MTL, Global News, The Montreal Gazette, CKUT, Nightlife.CA, CTV, VTV, and 24h."
- Victoria Pilger -
Funding and Partnerships Coordinator, Head & Hands
"WOW! Is all I can say! When I had Geeta Nadkarni from Baby Got Booked coach me on my press release, I had no idea what kind of results it would produce. I submitted it to my favorite online press release distribution system and I got 55 logos (what that means, is 55 different newspapers picked up my story – that isn’t including any other sources) including the Boston Globe and that was in just 1 day. "
- Kelly Falardeau -
Speaker, Bestselling Author, Philanthropist
"I’ve spent thousands of dollars on big name courses to help launch my business. While they were all valuable, Geeta’s Baby Got Booked was the best! Immediate value, actionable items, and incredible information. I will refer to this training for a long time to come. Baby Got Booked is the keystone for advancing my business. Could not have achieved success without it. Now I am a confident media maven in my own right. "
- Stacy Curtis -
CEO, Write of Your Life
"If you want to stop waiting for the world to come to you, these media “hacks” can get you on the front page of one of the biggest blog properties in the world: The Huffington Post. Trust me it works: Geeta’s Baby Got Booked strategies not only showed me how to get published on Huffington Post…after customizing one of her emails, I actually got published in less than 48 hours! BOOM: 200 + likes and 160+ shares in less than one day. That’s the power of the Huffington Post & Baby Got Booked!"
- Craig Dave -
Founder, Erase Workplace Bullying
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